IHDS Certified

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Jayne Ward is a fully qualified Human Design analyst offering a comprehensive range of services.

She has studied extensively at home and abroad and is Human Design UK certified and licensed by Jovian Archive Corporation as an:

Human Design Mandala Human Design - the Science of Differentiation
  • Individual Analyst
  • Living Your Design Guide
  • Partnership Analyst
  • Life Cycles Analyst

Group Meetings

A small support group has been meeting regularly in Ayrshire for the past few years and everyone is welcome. Please contact Jayne for details. See Jayne's blog below for the date of the next meeting.

A similar group is also starting in the North East of England, please contact Jayne if you are interested.

"I have completed my own seven year cycle of practising my Strategy of response as a Manifesting Generator.

I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you and helping to empower your own transformation by encouraging you to experiment with living according to your unique design."
Jayne Ward


"The great trick of Human Design is that things come into focus that were always obvious but you somehow missed or had trouble accepting-- they’re only obvious when they’ve been pointed out.

So after Jayne’s readings, I’m so much more comfortable with myself than I was before and at the same time, I feel liberated.

I feel really validated as who I am and can see what I AM good at, instead of thinking I need so much fixing…"

J.P.D. 2/4 Projector