Reading Choices and How It Works

Once you have forwarded your birth details, including date, place and time of birth (as accurately as possible) and chosen the type of reading you would like, Jayne will send you the recording of your reading either as an mp3 file by e-mail (quickest) or on a CD by post.

Meetings and Workshops

Workshops can be arranged and adapted for individuals and groups. More information here.

Readings available:-

Jayne's Human Design Chart Jayne's Human Design Chart

Introductory Overview - a brief introduction to Human Design and your chart, lasting approximately 20 minutes.

Foundation Reading - a 70-80 minute full reading that is required as a foundation for all other classes and readings. Followed up by a question and answer session.

Living Your Design - a weekend seminar that explores your own chart and those of others in a lot more depth.

Solar Return - an annual look at the challenges ahead, best done 3 months before your birthday.

Life Cycles - Uranus opposition, Saturn return and Chiron return - larger patterns that can affect your life.

Partnership Reading - this can be parent/ child, siblings or work colleagues as well as partners.

Individual Coaching Sessions.


"I've just finished the first round of the reading.

It has been great. I'm deeply touched.

Listening to this science, through your clarity, opened many doors and unveiled a precious perspective on myself and life.

I'll take this gift along, much information will need a few rounds to really sink in, I feel your availability to support the growth of these insights and I'm very grateful for that."

O.L. 6/2 Generator